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Celebrating the people who 
transformed their lives by Living Well.

Real Clients, Real Results. If you've participated in any of the Living Well programs and wish to submit a testimonial, please do so! Your privacy is our priority, so if you do not wish to send in a photo, a replacement will be used next to your testimonial! Help us spread the word!

“As a new mom, it can be really defeating looking in the mirror. 8 months postpartum, 2 unhealthy diets, and 1 gym crash course later, I was fed up. Thank goodness I found Living Well. Not only is Lisa teaching me how harness the power of thinking about food positively, she is giving me the tools to continue my weight loss and mental integrity journey well after my 6 week course is finished. 

/// K. Baker

“Change is hard - especially when you're my age. Let's just say I'm in my 60s. I've been doing things a certain way for a long time, but it became clear that if I wanted to see a change, I couldn't keep doing what I was doing. Living Well Health Coaching, that is to say Lisa, helped me pinpoint my goals and set realistic short term goals so I could see results quickly. It helped keep me motivated through the 90 day transformation program. I am down 24 pounds, 5 inches, and I've learned not only to love myself, but how to target negative thoughts and turn them around. It hasn't been easy, but I've proven you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.”

/// M. Goldstein

“Hi - my name is Joe. I decided to try Lisa's 14 Day Cleanse because I needed to reset after all the holiday festivities, which can really take a toll on my digestion and weight gain. It had been a few months and I wasn't getting the results I was hoping for by myself. Between my wife, mother in law, and sisters I have a lot of good cooks in the kitchen and I can't say no to a good pie or an extra helping of mashed potatoes. Lisa's program taught me that I don't have to over-indulge to feel satisfied and it helped me reestablish a healthy relationship with my metabolism so that, come next holiday season, I don't have to say "No", I can simply say, "Maybe later". ”

/// J. Logiudice 

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